How to Join the Alsup/Alsop DNA Project

The first question you need to ask is, "Am I eligible to join the Alsup/Alsop Surname DNA project?" Anyone who has Alsop ancestors is welcome to use the project website but only certain people are able to use their DNA test results to further the objectives of the project. Because this is a surname project, only a Y-Chromosome DNA test will provide the type of information required to trace one's paternal surname lineage. When we use the term paternal lineage, we are talking about one's father's, father's, father's . . . ancestral line. What this usually means is that the person being tested will have the Alsup surname or one of its many variants. Our home page lists many of those variant spellings. Because a Y-Chromosome test requires a Y-Chromosome, only males can take the test. However, females can get one of their male Alsop ancestors to take the test. They can even be the administrator for that test if their male relative is not interested in DNA research. We have female members of the project who have persuaded fathers and brothers to take a Y-Chromosome test.

So to contribute DNA results the project, you need to (1) be a male, (2) take a Y-Chromosome test from FamilyTreeDNA, and (3) have the Alsop surname OR have a reason to believe your paternal line comes from an Alsop even though your name is not Alsop. How do you know you might be an Alsop? Maybe traditional genealogical research uncovered a name change or an adoption or an undocumented paternity event (see the glossary if you don't know what that is). You may also suspect an Alsup paternal line if a number of your Y-Chromosome DNA matches have the Alsup surname.

The easiest way to join the project is to order your Y-Chromosome DNA test from FamilyTreeDNA through the DNA Testing link on our web site. We recommend that you order the 37 marker test or the 67 marker test if that is within your budget. We no longer recommend the 12 marker or 25 marker test as they do not provide sufficient detail to conclusively distinguish an Alsup/Alsop from other members of one's haplogroup.

FamilyTreeDNA will notify us of your results and we will add your name and test results to our web site. You will also get an email from one of the project administrators, David Alsup or Dale Alsop welcoming you to the project and requesting information about your Alsup family tree.

If you have already taken a Y-Chromosome test from FamilyTreeDNA and you have reason to believe your paternal ancestral line come from an Alsop, all you need to do is login to the FamilyTreeDNA website and click on myProjects then select Join a Project. Type Alsup in the search box then click the Search Button. Click on Alsup/Alsop then click the Join Button.

If you are not ready to order a DNA test at the current time or if you are not a male with the Alsup/Alsop/Allsop (or other variant) surname but have a genealogical interest in the family, send an email to the webmaster asking to have your name added to our mailing list. We will send notices when we update the web site. Please tell us why you are interested in the project and provide information about your paternal Alsup/Alsop ancestors.

We look forward to having you become part of our Alsup/Alsop DNA family.